(Almost) Always the 2nd Saturday of the New Year
January 6, 2018
SISU Ski Fest - Ironwood, Michigan Presented by Aspirus
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Volunteer Meeting 1/2/18 Tuesday 5:00
Memorial Building, auditorium

New and past volunteers are invited to receive updates, prepare for your role, and help us with final preparations for the events. There will be a short training session on observing cold weather effects on exposed skin

Save the date! Volunteer Banquet (please volunteers only)
Tuesday, Jan 9, 5pm at Manny's

Pizza and salad buffet, cash bar
Share stories, mingle with other volunteers.
Maybe even WIN a Door Prize!.

A great group of volunteers make for a fantastic SISU Ski Fest event!
It takes almost 200 volunteers to make the SISU Ski Fest a WONDERFUL Event year after year!

Help make the 9th Annual SISU Ski Fest even better, Be a Volunteer!
(2017 Volunteer list below)

If you're interested in volunteering, please let us know! Just send us an email and we'll get in touch.
If you would include:

  • the days (Fri and/or Sat) you are avaiiable, preference on morning, afternoon or evening.
  • What you are interested in or past SISU volunteer - what you did.
  • And finally your name and a contact phone number
  • (Ski Patrollers download SISU Ski Patrol form here)


    Mary Ahonen; Loretta Alesandroni; Bert Anderson; Eric Anderson; Ginnie Anderson;
    Paul Anderson; Karen Anderson; Marianne Andresen; Stewart Bentley; Tom Bergman; Bessemer School Cheerleaders; Chris Botkin; Boots Brandt; Heidi Brown; Annette Burchell; Bob Burchell; Dick Calore; Vic Calore; Kris Carlson; Joe Cayer; Adrienne Chase; Paula Chermside; Pat Christy; Mike Czemeski; Karen Damgard; Anne Davey; Sam Davey; Linda Dean; Lori DeCarlo-Kienitz; Carol & Don Decker; Jim Decur; Connie Dover; Mikey Ecklund; Kelly Ekholm-Calore; Rachel Emery; Sue Emery; Bill Erickson; Carol Erickson; Scott Erickson; Danny Finco; Vicky Finco; Linda Fowler; Joyce Gayan; Morgan Grasso; Carl Gregas; Enni Gregas; Mike Gregor; Sheila Gregor; Larry Grimsby; Bridget Grotberg; Karen Gullen; Lynn Gustafson; Paul Hagemann; Pat Hagstrom; Susan & Chris Halverson; Todd Hammil; Chuck Hampston; Katie Hampston; Bernie Hannula; David Harkness; Ken Hazel; LeeAnn Heikkila; Ivan Hellen; John Hellen; Maggie Hill; Mary Hitt; Jan Homuth; Hurley National Honor Society; Pam Iacullo; Ironwood Cross Country Team; Ironwood School Cheerleaders; Nick Jacobs; Ron Jacobsen; John Jennings; Kay Johnson; Keith Jolgren; Char Jordan-Heron; Dave Kangas; Karen Kangas; Nancy Kangas; Tom Kangas; Rick Kauppila; Wendy Kidd; Roger Kienitz; Midge & Don Kokelmueller; Meg Kolesar; Tim Kolesar; LuAnn Korpi; Paul Kostelnik; Joe Kravetz; Judy Kucera; Gerard Lauzon; Deb Leonard; Jerry Lew; Joan Luoma; Jim Maffesanti; Mara Maher; Bruce Manske; Karen Manske; Marta Family; Mike Marx; Sue Mattson; John McLeod; Mike McPherson; Andy McRae; Dave McRae; Ellen Metko; Ellen Mildren; Jim Mildren; Anna Mooi; Greyson Morrow; Kristen Mueller-Semo; Sue Murphy; Charley Newhouse; Paulette Niemi; Brad Noren; Melissa Oja; Jody Olkonen; Ric Olson; Hannah Panci; Joe Panci; Elaine Parlin; Sue Perhalla; Shannon Peterson; Elaine Peterson; Carol Pisani; Jackie Powers; Greg Ramme; Bill Richie; Jeff Rose; Jonathon Rulseh; Tom Rulseh; Vicky Rulseh; Ruotsala Construction; Karna Sandok; Bonnie Schlais; Cathy Schmale; Rick Schmale; Mike Schmidt; Mike Schouldise; Alysa Schwab; Rick Semo; Sandy Sharp; Betsy Slabaugh; Rick Slade; Don Slanzi; Helen Slining; Linda Slining; Ron Smith; Jim Sommerville; Susan Spaete; Ken Spielberg; Angela Stengard; Garth Stengard; Darlene Superitis; Carrie Suprenant; Mike Suprenant; Crystal Suzik; Amber Symons; Amanda Szott; Bethany Thomas; Chuck Thomas; Karen Thomas; Steve Thomas; Linda Tilley; Elenanor, Sylvia and Lillian Tiziani; Tracy Traczyk; Gail True; Sue Trull; Kathy Vaara ; Diane Villnow; Jeremy Wagner; Wakefield/Marinesco School Cheerleaders; Loretta Wal quiet; Gina & Galina Watzke; Ellen Weber; Betsy Wesselhoft; Steve Wesselhoft; Zona Wick; Alicia Zaseski!

    If we missed you or someone you know, we are sorry, but let us know! Send name(s) to sisusf@ioitwx.com with when, where and what you did.
    Thanks to all of our VOLUNTEERS!

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